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How I Permanently Got Rid of My Pearly Penile Papules

I created this website to do an honest review about the product “Pearly Penile Papules Removal” that I’ve used myself in order to get rid of my nasty papules..

I just want to help others who are in the same situation, because I know that I suffered a lot.

I was afraid of dating for about 4 years of my life thanks to those papules. Today, I live a normal life and are no longer afraid of dating girls.

As I said in the videos I’ve created. I suffered from pearly penile papules for about 4 years.

This was a living hell for me since I didn’t had the courage to date or even talk to women.

I even got depressed and at one time wanted to take my own life 🙁

Then it all changed..

— First of all, I want to warn you about some explicit language and images in the text below —

The last time I dated a woman was a catastrophe! 

It all started out well and we had a cozy time at the restaurant that I had picked.

She was really into me and I knew that the evening would end up in bed.

This fact made me scared!

How would she react when she saw my penis, full of bumps?

I tried to make up a plan..

Maybe I could just guide her to the bed without turning on the lights.

Yes, that would work..


Later that evening she asked if I would like to invite her home for a last glass of wine.

We all know what that means right? 🙂

Said and done, we arrived at my place and I started pouring a glass of wine when suddenly…

I felt her grabbing my loved one from behind my back.

She unzipped my pants and told me that she wasn’t really there for the wine.

I panicked!

We stood in the kitchen with all the lights on..

She slowly took out my loved one from my underwear and started to slowly jerk it a bit.

I turned around and by now, I was so excited that I didn’t have a single thought of the papules.

She was about an inch from taking it to her mouth when she backed off with her head.

– “What the fuck is this?”

– “Do you have an STD?” she asked.

Well, I guess that I don’t have to tell you what happened next..

The fun was over and she apologized and left the apartment.

That was the last woman I would ever try to seduce with my dick full of nasty papules..


I searched around on the internet, desperate to find something that could help me to get rid of the nasty papules I had on my penis.

I was reading about laser surgery and how that was a really good treatment.

However, I couldn’t afford it.

I got more and more depressed over the fact that I probably never would date a woman again.

I lived in some kind of unwanted celibacy for about 4 years before I finally stumbled upon something at an online forum.

I found a kind of home remedy that people were talking about, and which seemed to be working.

I won’t lie, I was skeptical about the whole thing at first…

But, by this time I had tried to commit suicide once because of how bad I felt, so I HAD to try it out.

Suicide? Isn’t that a bit over dramatic?

Well, after a couple of years depression, I couldn’t really think straight anymore. Today I can admit that it sounds a bit dramatic, and I can only say that I’m glad to be alive.


I bought the product and started to follow the instructions.

The product claimed that you would be free from the papules in 3 days.

That wasn’t true in my case

However, on day 3 I saw some really surprising changes to my penis.

This is my penis before the treatment

This picture is from day 3 into the treatment (It’s also taken with a flash, that’s why it’s so lighten up )

As you can see in the picture above, the papules had started to go away..

They weren’t completely gone yet, but this made me feel sooo happy! 😀

I continued with the program and on day 6 my penis looked like this

As you can see, the papules are completely GONE!!! 😀

I have to be honest with you, I cried like a baby when I saw how my penis looked at day 6.

4 years of living in hell, unable to date women, feeling like a sad excuse for a man and all it took was 6 days???

Well, that’s my story on how I went from depressed and worried to even speak to a woman, to be living the life of a man again..

I can finally bring a lady home again without the fear of her leaving the apartment, disgusted by what she has been seeing.

Why telling you all this then?

Well, I know how it feels to be completely under the surface. Feeling so bad about how women will react when they see the papules.

I want to help others that are in the same situation I once was in

I have even searched and found a discount-offer (wish I knew about that when I bought the product) that I thought was a nice thing to tips my readers about..

You can read more and get the discounted price of the product here

Thanks for taking the time to read about my journey with this papule problem!

I really hope that this helped you out and maybe gave you some hope

Have a great day!

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3 Pearly Penile Papules Removal Remedies You Can Use At Home Guaranteed To Get Rid Of Those Little While Penile Bumps

home remedies to remove pearly penile papules

So today i’m going to be sharing some uncommon techniques of removing pearly penile papules at home that no one has told you just yet.

keep in mind, even though some of these are pretty simple and easy to follow, they are not really on the pain free side of things for lack of a better term.

The methods of removing the papules at home are :

  1. Manually Removing the papules 
  2. Rubbing the papules away
  3. Dissolving them 

How Manually Removing The Papules

When it comes to removing the papules by manually. It can be a bit painful which is why most people take the easy route of just using the 3P Removal Gel but I’m going to tell you how regardless.

To do this you will need

  • A warm rag or towel
  • sharp sterile tweezers
  • Good lighting
  • Steady hands
  • AND the will power to go through with it.

When i was 14 years I had just started noticing these little white bumps slowly appearing around the head of my penis.

I later found out that these were called pearly penile papules and were not contagious or harmful but i hated looking at them.

I had no means of buying any  products to treat and get rid of them and I was too ashamed toremoving pearly penile papules at home bring it to the attention of my parents.

A few months went by and I finally got tired or looking at them day after day, so I decide to take matters into my own hands and remove them myself with tweezers.

After hours of picking away at the papules I gave up. Not that I wasn’t making any progress but it was too painful to do this myself and wasn’t efficient enough.

This method does work, however just know its not the most pleasant feeling in the world and beside there’s painless more effective ways of removing papules now without leaving scars.

Rubbing The Papules Away

I was going to write this out step by step but I found this awesome video that explains this method perfectly.


The Final Method You Can Use To Remove Pearly Penile Papules At Home 

Actually there are a ton of so called at home treatment that supposedly cure penile papules like using caster oil but trust me i’ve tried… They Don’t Work.

What does work is the 3P Gel ~ The Pearly Penile Papule Removal Cream. I first discovered this cream back in 2013 and have been papule free ever since.

As much as I would like to write another Pearly penile papule removal cream review for this product I wont because i already have.

I do 100% recommend you get this cream since I have personally used this and I can tell you from experience that it does work.

But before you do…

Be sure to read my review