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Pearly Penile Papules Removal At Home. How To Permanently Remove PPP.

ppp home remedies

You have probably been scouring the internet to find a way to remove pearly penile papules at home…

     … and probably discovered that there is only random information about the treatment all over the web and nothing useful.

The lack of the knowledgeable resources online inspired me to jot down a step-by-step guide

on how to remove penis pimples permanently in the comfort of your home using simple natural remedies that work.

pearly penile papule beforeThe condition itself is not problematic, and treatment is not required at all.

The bigger problem is that even though it is not an STD,

it is related to the sexual organs that make a person embarrassed and shy, even with doctors.

Thus, home remedies are popular for removing pearly penile papules.

These home treatments save you from the embarrassment of talking to a physician. But they must accomplish the following objectives.

  • Should be 100% safe without any corrosive side effects. As the treatment for pearly penile papules is connected with the penis, extra care is needed
  • A safe alternative to surgery, it must be painless, and there should not be any associated harm. If there is any, the recovery time should be minimal.
  • The affected individual should be able to do it alone in the privacy of his home.
  • The treatment should be viable.

Home Remedies For PPP Treatment

I have arranged the home cures in a descending order. Although they all are effective remedies yet I started from the most effective option and ended with the least effective treatment. Here we go.

1. PPP Removal Cream (Best Topical Option)

3pgel review3P-Gel, the name of PPP removal cream, is the first over the counter treatment to get rid of pearly penile papules.

It works on the fibrotic core of the papules and regresses them naturally.

The cream is formulated so as it doesn’t harm the penile tissues.

Once those disgusting bumps on the shaft are gone, there won’t be any redness or scars on the skin. That’s the beauty of this treatment cream.

Well, in a single pack, it is a 2-Bottle Formula. The Orange Colored Bottle is to weaken the fibroid core of the papules, and the Blue Colored Bottle is to make them fall off the skin.

Apply the orange bottle in the morning, after the bath, and the blue bottle at night, while you are ready to sleep.

Usually, it takes 4-8 weeks to get rid of PPP entirely with this 3P-Gel Cream, but you should start seeing results within a week or so. So don’t waste 1,000s of dollars on surgery etc., just use this cream and you will be OK.

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3p gel review

2. PPP Removal Blueprint (The Best & My Favorite Guide)

pearly penile removal guide Educate yourself about what are you dealing with.

This guide explains some quite effective home remedies and,

more importantly, teaches you everything about the penile papules so as you can take an informed decision.

It was an irony that an alternative medicine practitioner- Josh Marvin got hit of Pearly Penile Papules.

Being an alternative medical practitioner he used his best knowledge to prepare, test and devise a formula that ensures an easy and quick PPP Removal.

 Once he cured himself, he made his knowledge public in form of a digital book.

There is a huge money (around $2000 per surgery) involved in Surgical Forms of PPP Treatment, so a doctor never endorses that Home Remedies work but tries to persuade you for surgery.

But Josh, being an alternative medical practitioner himself, backs up these home remedies.

He is so sure about his formulas that, if you don’t get results, you can just return his book and take your money back.

3. Traditional Remedy: Tea Tree Oil

TEA TREE OIL FOR PPPThe Tea Tree Oil is applied as the same way as castor oil.

It is an effective natural remedy, but it is a bit slower.

It takes around a couple of weeks to start showing results and might take up to 10 weeks to remove the penile papules completely.

The application process is simpler and should be done three times a day.

Use cotton to spread the oil on the affected area. Do not mix this oil with any other oil and make sure there is not any other oil on the skin of your penis.

 The only exception is mixing it with castor oil.

Tea Tree Oil and Castor oil both are slow remedies in isolation.

But if they are mixed, they are supercharged and remove the PPP very fast and quick, sometimes in as little as a week.

Read all the precautions and kill your PPP.

4. Over The Counter: Triple Antibiotic Ointment Cream

Triple Antibiotic Ointment Cream FOR TREATING PPPBacitracin, neomycin, and polymyxin B are antibiotics that kill bacteria on your skin.

An ointment made of these three is called Triple Antibiotic Ointment.

This ointment is an efficient and proven way of removing PPP.

It is applied to the area where the bumps appear for at least two times a day.

I found it to be the easiest yet very effective over the counter treatment.

In an ideal condition, It starts working in a couple of weeks.

There must be a gap of twelve hours between applications.

Continue the use until the bumps disappear. It is a safe treatment and can be done by the patient at home.

PPP Removal Essentials

  • Step 1: Find The Right Remedy That Suits Your Skin. A single home remedy cannot work for everyone. You have to find your’s best.
  • Step 2: The Right Dosage & Application Process. There’s a process to use every home remedy or you won’t get results.
  • Step 3: Effectively Mixing Multiple Remedies Up For Optimal Results. It can fast-track your PPP Removal. But be careful and don’t do experiments by yourself.

Preparations Before The PPP Treatment At Home

  • Clean the penis before applying the homemade remedy every time. First, clean with a wet towel and then use a dry towel to remove any water from the skin.
  • After application, leave the skin exposed for a while to let it work. Putting on clothing can remove the treatment before it is absorbed into the skin.
  • Use the homemade formula only on and a bit around the affected area. There is no need to apply it to the whole penis.
  • Buy the ingredients from reliable retailers. Do not forget to check the manufacture and expiration dates of all products.

3 Reasons For The Failure Of PPP Home Remedies

In most cases where a home treatment for pearly penile papules fails, it is due to the laxity of the patient. I suggest you be calm, have patience, and follow the guidelines diligently.

  • As homemade herbal remedies are safe and easy to prepare and use, a sufferer can be tempted to use multiple treatments at the same time. Don’t make this mistake. Only apply one type of remedy at a time.
  • Start by using a small amount of your chosen treatment and use it only once or twice a day. To be on the safe side, do this for a couple of days to check if your skin has any reaction to the formula.
  • If you feel that the remedy is irritating your skin, cease immediately and switch to another medication. But don’t start the another remedy immediately. Leave a 1-day gap between stopping the current treatment and starting a new one.

Feelings of shame or depression may lead a person to take the wrong steps.

These attempts do not help but exacerbate the situation.

There are some common mistakes that a PPP sufferer can make, and I highly discourage you from doing so.

Some misleading facts are:

  • There is huge money involved in the surgical treatments of PPP, so it is propagated that home remedies do not work or are a waste of time. It is not true. In the majority of PPP cases, home removal remedies have been proven safe and effective.
  • Never pluck or squeeze the pimples. They are not going anywhere this way. On the contrary, you will get wounds and scars. These wounds may further lead to infection.
  • Do not circumcise your penis. The condition is prevalent among the both penis types, and if you go for circumcision it is not going to improve the situation. While it may not cause the condition to deteriorate, it is just a waste.

Must Read: Before You Start Using Home Remedies For PPP

Hirsuties coronae glandis (also known as “hirsutoid papillomas” and “pearly penile papules”) are a harmless anatomical variation.

The conclusion is obvious.

Either live with it as it is a good part of your penis or remove it with home remedies

. It is proven that the penile bumps help to enhance sexual pleasure which otherwise is achieved with special condoms.

You can either choose surgical treatments to get rid of pearly penile papules or save thousands of dollars by using home remedies.

You can get rid of your PPP completely provided you know the proper method of treatment. There is no oral medication for curing Pearly Penile Papules.

Have some patience as home remedies for PPP take some time before showing results.

Here is a complete Pearly Penile Papules intro guide created by yours truly Banishpearlypapules.



Can Tea Tree Oil Treatment Really Remove Pearly Penile Papules ?

Tea Tree Oil For PPP Treatment

If you love your skin, you must only use everyday household items to treat it.

Substances that contain hazardous chemicals will only add to a further deterioration of the skin.

Individuals who experience the ill effects of penile papules should be especially inclined to using natural solutions to dispose of their issue.

Tea Tree Oil for PPP is highly recommended as it is safe and effective.

Moreover, it is easily available nearby you. The process of using it on the penile skin is very straightforward. Let’s discuss.

A Quick Note On Penile Papules

pearly penile papule before The pearly penile papules is a safe penile skin condition that is not caused by any known malady. Its causes are truly not well understood.

Pearly Penile Papules are small skin swellings that look like flesh-colored domes with a pale white tone.

They occur on the edge of the penis head and show up in lines.

In simple words, they are basically little pink or white pimples that appear on the region of the penis glans.

It is not spread through contact and neither can it be transmitted sexually or spread to different areas of the body.

However, the numerous men who endure this condition want an answer because the condition impacts their confidence and in the end, their sexual presence.

People who see this unusual advancement on their sexual organ should not stress too much. It’s not a disease or a sexually transmitted infection.

Moreover, there are many home remedies for PPP removal.

Best Tea Tree Oil For PPP

Make sure you choose 100% pure tea tree oil and not some liquid diluted with other oil. 

It is advisable that you mix tea tree oil up with castor oil for better results. You can start with the products recommended below:


Why Should You Try Tea Tree Oil For PPP Treatment

There is a significant number of solutions,

but tea tree oil as a treatment for Pearly penile papule is the simplest one. This is a standard method that people can check out and apply in the comfort of their own homes to achieve a cure.

Some advantages are:

  • Tea Tree Oil consists of certain medicinal properties that help in eliminating dead skin cells. Therefore, it can be extremely helpful for removing these strange skin bumps occurring on the penis glans. No side-effects are known from its use, aside from drying the skin.
  • This ordinary item has extraordinary antiviral, anti fungal, and antibacterial traits, which, when smeared on the skin, decimate penis pimples effectively. Tea tree oil alleviates a variety of different skin illnesses, including burns, cuts, and even PPP.

Tea Tree Oil Vs Tea Plant

tea tree and tea treaoilIndividuals should not confuse tea tree oil with the ordinary tea plant,

which is utilized normally to make black and green teas. Tea plant oil is extracted from the tea tree leaves, which grow in Australia. 

Look for a reputable brand before buying the oil as there are many fake and low-quality products.

To avoid the trouble, choose the recommended product above.

The Process To Get Rid Of PPP With Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil for PPP has a potent power to dry out skin cells.

Regular usage will make penile papules dry permanently, convert them to dead skin cells, and shed the dead skin.

Traditionally, it was used for acne.

This oil is a regular ingredient in numerous skin-care products and boasts extraordinary curative power.

It contains antibacterial and antiviral properties that heal numerous skin conditions, including pearly penile papules.

If this is a system you are considering, then here are the main 3 directions.

  • To begin with, wash and rinse the infected region.
  • Mix a couple drops of tea tree oil with another oil like castor oil to dilute it.
  • Dab a cotton ball into the oil blend and rub the infected zone twice per day.
  • It’s suggested that a small amount of this oil be applied to the skin range with a cotton swab. Prior to its application, the region of the skin must be rinsed and dried thoroughly.
  • Its application ought to be repeated three or four times a day by totally cleaning the area with a sterile material each time. Continue using tea tree oil until the penile papules diminish out of sight.

PPP Treatment With Tea Tree Oil Requires Persistency

Like every PPP Home Remedy, treating pearly penile papules with tea tree oil is slow and results will be visible after a few weeks.

Even afterward, persistence is required.

On the other hand, if no positive changes happen after a month of diligent applications, then expert help is the next option.

However, removing pearly penile papules with tea tree oil has had a successful history.

Final Thoughts

If you decide to try this method out, don’t quit if you notice the oil causing skin dryness.

Every system for treating pearly penile papules will bring about dryness because that is the way they all work.

One cannot get rid of penile papules without regularly drying them out.



How To Rid Pearly Penile Papules Using Triple Antibiotic Ointment

Triple Antibiotic Ointment vs. PPP

Do you want the easiest cure for the bumps on your shaft?

Nothing can be easier and safer than triple antibiotic ointment for curing PPP.

It is available over the counter and you just have to apply it twice in a day that takes only a minute. It saves you from being open before a doctor.

By the time, you throw out the empty tube of Triple Antibiotic Ointment, you may be having a PPP-Free penis.

Isn’t it great? But the more crucial factor is choosing the right brand as there are multiple options available in the market.

You must consult your doctor to choose the right Triple Antibiotic Ointment that can be used for treating PPP.

How Triple Antibiotic Ointment For Pearly Penile Papules Works

A triple antibiotic ointment is a combination of three antibiotic substances named as Bacitracin, Neomycin, and Polymyxin B.

These 3 chemicals are known for curing wounds, pimples, acnes, cuts, burns, and infections.

But, in the true sense, the ointment looks for any unevenness on the body and starts it’s work to smooth it out.

The ointment considers penis bumps as any other protruded pimples and gradually smooths them out.

Best Triple Antibiotic Ointment For PPP

Best Triple Antibiotic Ointment For PPP

Most of the brands, available in the market, focus less on curing the pimples and more on fighting the infections.


Remember, pimples on the penis are not an infection.

You need to choose a brand that manufactures the ointment for that works beyond infections.


Although, it is a matter of hits and trials yet you can start with GoodSense Triple Antibiotic Ointment


Best Triple Antibiotic Ointment ON AMAZON


How To Use Triple Antibiotic Ointment For PPP

It is not a rocket science and is damn simple.

The more important factor is that you follow it as a daily routine. You will start seeing significant improvements in a couple of weeks.

Sometimes, it may take up to 4-6 weeks to remove them completely but that’s worth it. Follow these steps:


  • Apply a small quantity of the ointment only on and a bit around the penis pimples. Do not cover the whole penis or whole glans with the ointment. Although doing so doesn’t pose any risk but it wastes the ointment and you will soon need to buy a new pack.
  • Leave the penile area open and do not cover it with any cloth for a while. Wear your underwear on after, at least, 3-5 minutes. 5 minutes are more than enough but leave it open for at least 3 minutes.
  • Repeat the process twice in a day. Once in the morning and once before sleeping.
  • Make it a daily routine for, at least, 4-6 weeks.

Cautions Before Using Triple Antibiotic Ointment

  • Do not leave the tube open. Keep it tightly closed.
  • Do not put the tube in the freezer. Store it at the room temperature.
  • Most importantly, make sure you have your own personal tube of triple antibiotic ointment and no other family member uses it. It may cause infections.


That’s all. The only remaining instruction is- Just throw the fear out of your heart. Pearly Penile Papules is not a condition that only a surgery can cure.

Although traditional remedies may take time yet it’s worth it.

Only go for the surgical treatments if you have $2000 to burn for the same results that can otherwise be achieved with simple remedies. Hope that helped.



Pearly Penile Papules Removal Cream (How To Get Rid Of PPP Using A Topical Solution)


Pearly Penile Papules Removal Cream (Topical Solution)

Yuck! It sucks that you have PPP. I feel for you. But do you know what is even worse? The worst is the misconceptions about it.

The disease itself does not pose any risk to your general or sexual health, but it is not aesthetically acceptable.

If you are aware enough of your appearance and care for your partner, you must opt to remove it with the simplest treatment: PPP Treatment Cream.

Remember, PPP Removal Cream and Toothpaste is not similar.

They are different forms of treatment.

PPP Removal Cream By 3P-Gel

If you can’t spend a couple thousand dollars to get a CO2 surgery, I would suggest you this 3P-Gel.

The 3P-Gel is the first and only topical gel that is manufactured solely for removing the penile papules.

It costs a fraction of amount than needed to get a laser surgery.

This is a 2 bottle pack, one is to be applied in the morning and the other is to be applied in the evening.

In an ideal situation, it starts showing results within a couple of days.

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PPP Removal Cream Is A Name Hype

Actually, there is no other cream, except 3P-Gel, that is made exclusively to treat PPP, but there is a mixture that can heal the penile bumps.

The cream is just an enhanced version of an acid named as Alpha Hydroxy or AHA.

AHA cream for PPP is typically used as an exfoliant.

Its core functions are scraping dead cells off the skin, nurturing and moisturizing, and leveling uneven bumps to make the skin smooth.

To do so, it removes any pimples, wrinkles, or other uneven surface properties.

It makes pearly penile papules removal cream, that is AHA enriched, a good remedy for the bumps on the shaft.

The paste detects penis pimples as unevenness and makes every effort to level them. Most of the time, it is successful.

AHA Enriched PPP Removal Cream (The Truth)

As I already informed you, there are not many products in the market that are specifically formulated to heal Pearly Penile Papules.

The formula is just an alternative name to AHA acid. Basically, AHA creams are not made for PPP but for cosmetic purposes, so there are also several other ingredients used to tone the skin.

As the cosmetic products are mostly used for the face, the ingredients are chosen accordingly.

These ingredients might be reactive or sometimes destructive to the penile skin and underlying tissues.

The concern is not whether a store-bought cream works or not, but whether it will avoid troubles such as turning pimples into wounds or infections.

Moreover, the penis is the most important part of manhood. How can we allow a generic AHA cream to take care of a specific issue like pearly penile papules? Better, you avoid it.

How To Store PPP Treatment Cream

Don’t forget to store the paste in a tight container or it may lose the effectiveness.

Put it in an air-tight container and store it at normal room temperature. Although it requires storage at a cold temperature, don’t get confused.

It simply means normal room temperature, so don’t put the paste in the freezer. Hope you got the point.

Warning: “If you placed the pearly penile papules removal cream in the freezer and it got frozen, we suggest that you just discard it and arrange a fresh supply.

Do not wait for it to melt and do not use the melted paste. It is not dangerous, but it has lost all its effectiveness.”